Tanzania Adventure Safaris

Tanzania safaris and tour destinations well diversified with its natural resources with multiple numbers of exclusive Tanzania wildlife lodges and budget tented camps in various Tanzania national parks, with over 15 parks serengeti is the famous and largest at 14,763 square kilometers of protected area that borders Kenya's masai mara National game reserve. Its far-reaching plains of endless grass, tinged with the twisted shadows of acacia trees, have made it the quintessential image of a wild and untarnished Africa.

The annual wildebeest migration through the serengeti in Tanzania and the masai mara in Kenya attract visitors from around the world, who flock to the open plains to witness the largest mass movement of land mammals on the planet. Among other major parks we have ngorongoro national park, lake manyara national park, tarangire national park, the legendary mount kilimanjaron climbing.

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